Petr Vorel


Petr VorelI am a painter and a photographer. I began with experimenting in 3d graphics and animation and step by step I settled on more traditional art forms. I am mostly a self-taught artist, although I was guided by some known local painters few years back and attented several art courses. I was considering enrolling at an art university but then I went for a career in medicine as noone can really teach you art and owing to that I am also more independent in my work.
You can contact me throught the form here. If you'd like to buy a painting we can negotiate a price.

How to Contact Me

There are several ways how to contact me. Through e-mail, social media or through the contact form.

e-mail: contact (at)

You can also find me on , or DeviantArt.

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You can look at the paintings and only see patches and lines of different colors. Or you can relax and let the painting evoke in you emotions and your own vision.