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Petr VorelI am a painter and a photographer. I began with experimenting in 3d graphics and animation and step by step I settled on more traditional art forms. I am mostly a self-taught artist, although I was guided by some known local painters few years back and attented several art courses. I was considering enrolling at an art university but then I went for a career in medicine as noone can really teach you art and owing to that I am also more independent in my work.
You can contact me throught the form here. If you'd like to buy a painting we can negotiate a price.

How to Contact Me

There are several ways how to contact me. Through e-mail, social media or through the contact form.

e-mail: contact (at)

You can also find me on , or DeviantArt.

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Vernisáž v Galerii pod Petrovem

Všechny vás srdečně zvu na vernisáž k výstavě “Rozklad mysli”, která se bude konat 5.6. v Galerii pod Petrovem na Kopečné 2 v Brně. Pokud se nemůžete dostavit na vernisáž, tak se přijďte podívat aspoň ...

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